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Electronic Lab

The mission of the electronics laboratory is to provide assistance to the VKI in order to solve most of the problems encountered with the various electronic instruments used for measurements in fluid mechanics. It develops many electronic measuring devices for systems used at VKI. He also acquired expertise by participating in the improvement and renovation of measurement benches used at the VKI.

Examples of this contribution from the electronic laboratory to VKI activities are the development of:

  • Hot wire bridges

  • Instrumentation Amplifiers

  • Resistive pressure sensor conditioners

  • Thermocouple Amplifiers

  • Strain gauge bridge conditioners

  • Motorized drives for probe carriage

  • Low-speed acquisition system for pressure sensors

  • Low speed acquisition system for accelerometers

  • Interfaces between PCs and different measuring systems

  • Control of test facilities

Pierre Cuvelier

Pierre Cuvelier


Rémy Vostes

Rémy Vostes

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